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We specialize in a range of marketing practices and believe that every client deserves marketing solutions tailored to their specific marketing needs. So you might not need all of these services; you might not need more than one or two. That won't faze us because we want to do the work that's going to work for you.

We live in a world with a 9-second attention span. One thing is for sure, yelling louder simply doesn’t work anymore. You can no longer differentiate based on what you sell or what you do. Categories are cluttered with “me too” brands. So now it’s about who you are. And even more than that, it’s what you stand for. Because brands today are about giving people an opportunity to belong to something bigger than themselves. That’s what turns people into believers. This is where we can help.


How you present your company on the Web can be the difference between a new sale, keeping an existing customer or losing to a competitor that has a more polished digital presence. A large percentage of consumers are viewing websites on their smart phones and tablets, especially when they’re searching for quick information like hours of operation, business location, services, directory information and more.

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Content is king, queen and everything in between. We know how to harness the value of content, no matter the medium. Our strategy is to convey the most relevant information to your target audience in the language appropriate for your industry.

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Almost all of the major decisions we make in life are driven not by reason and analysis, but by feeling and emotion. So creatively, we make it a point to tap into the core human emotions that inspire desire, and leverage those in the work that we create across every channel and medium.

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Brand strategy, custom typography and memorable visuals are the key ingredients in establishing a timeless brand identity. We produce iconic brand assets that are instantly recognizable and serve as the foundation for your visual identity. Consumers are inundated with choices of high-quality brands, so it’s no time to be quiet and bashful about what makes your brand great.

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Everything is social today. It isn’t just about a “like” or how many followers you have. It’s about true engagement. Anyone can buy their way to big numbers, but we want rich engagement along the way. Because in the end, a like or a view or a retweet means nothing if it doesn’t drive a transaction.

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Email is the heavyweight champ of marketing efforts. We help clients use email marketing to capture critical information that better connects you with your audience. Communicate with the right people at the right time, whether you’re selling, spreading the word or saying hello. We’ll manage your database of email addresses and create branded emails.

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Generating publicity is one thing. Generating results is something else entirely. We specialize in developing public relations campaigns that deftly manage perceptions, generate interest and gain credibility for our clients. Our team focuses on media relations while also employing the power of grassroots and viral campaigns, along with various other strategies, to generate awareness, build and support brands, and motivate audiences to action.

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What's in a name?


Most agency names aren’t easy to remember. It’s usually some acronym or string of last names that weren’t meant to go together. We admit Creative Punch isn’t a typical name, but then we try to be anything but typical.

We strive to be fearless, creative, progressive, big-picture thinkers who are always looking beyond the ordinary. We call it Creative Punch not because it’s easy to remember, but because it’s hard to forget.

Established in 1991, our company has seen name changes, physical moves, drastic technological advancements and shifting ideologies. But two things have never changed: our commitment to our clients and our dedication to being good stewards of awesome. 

We provide big agency talent, experience and service, without the big agency attitude, layers and exorbitant fees. We are firm believers in complete transparency and zero pretense. It's a business model that has worked very well for us and our partners for over two decades.

We are a full-service agency providing integrated, strategic and innovative marketing and communications solutions through a series of results-driven capabilities designed to meet the specific needs of our clients. We don’t get out of bed to do anything less than amazing.

Creative Punch is the unique combination of traditional full-service offerings and unconventional creativity. It was founded on the belief that if we experiment with purpose, if we push with direction, our clients will thrive. This approach keeps our agency fresh, our work exceptionable and our relationship with our clients one that goes beyond business.

Creativity takes courage and with great storytelling at the heart of everything we do, we generate big ideas that connect, create and fuel conversations on and offline whether brought to life through eye-catching design or clever content and always with the right technology for the job.

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We're driven to craft beautiful and thoughtful work that serves as a useful purpose in people’s lives. Check out some of our latest work in website design, digital development and brand strategy.


We're in good

If you can tell a lot about a person by looking at their friends, then you can tell a lot about an agency by looking at their clients. And, frankly, ours are pretty phenomenal.

They range from long-established companies to high-energy start-ups that plan to change everything. And they span nearly every industry. And we work equally hard for all of them. But however our clients choose to do business, they all have this in common:

They're smart, savvy, sophisticated marketers with whom we've done great work. 

We couldn't be more thrilled to call them our partners.

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The Process

Everybody has best practices. And if all you’re doing is implementing them, you’re just one of a crowd of competent performers. And that won’t do for us. Or our clients. Instead, we’re more focused on next practices. The kind of practices that provide cutting-edge strategies and tactic-neutral solutions to the thorniest of branding and marketing problems.

We listenLearn

This is the biggest and most important step in our process: listening to you. The foundation of our partnership is built through understanding where you’re currently positioned and where you want to land. We gather information about your business, target customer, competitive environment and your biggest goals to create a benchmark that is uniquely yours. Our clients often plant the seeds from which our greatest successes grow.


Every success starts with a defined set of goals. We begin our strategizing process with the development of solid, measurable goals to develop an organized plan for a successful campaign.


Anyone can have a good idea, but it’s effective execution that really counts in accomplishing goals and objectives. In pixels or on paper, our projects are delivered with the minimum of fuss using a finely tuned process. We keep you posted at every stage, giving you the confidence that we'll deliver your projects on time, every time.


After the final review and approval, we provide you with newly established brand strategies, guidelines, content or a digital presence to help your company thrive.


The first step of every project is a series of discovery sessions. We explore the current pain points and work closely with your team to consider the context of what’s happening within the company to provide a baseline of information that will ultimately drive the strategy. We ask all the smart questions, and also recognize the right answers. We start with a thorough analysis of your current marketing efforts and the results they’ve produced. What has worked? What has failed? What can we add, change or eliminate to optimize your business for success?


Now it’s time to get down to action. We put the talented minds of our creative team to work to discover new opportunities for exposure, reach and appeal. We will be dedicated to generating the innovative ideas necessary to make meaningful connections with your target consumers. Every headline and it’s supporting content should be written with intention, each call-to-action crafted to drive a conversion and every detail honed to deliver on your goals.


We employ thoughtful design to create a meaningful experience for your brand and its customers. Great design is more than just aesthetics. Extensive testing is done to make sure your website works in major browsers and there's no coding errors. We help you make the right marketing moves to drive your intended audience to your message via consulting on content marketing, SEO, email marketing, targeted ad campaigns and more with a laser focus on your goals. We consistently keep you informed and involved, always realigning on deliverables to provide you with your brand's exact needs.

Whether you need to drive sales leads, raise brand awareness or increase brand engagement, these crucial steps ensure that the work is not only distinctive, but that it accomplishes exactly what it set out to do. Brand is much more than a logo, a website and the latest tweet. Translating your brand experience through the correct touch points, in a consistent manner and with a simple human-centered message is where Creative Punch excels.

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Incredible things, said by incredible people.

Chris is a great guy. Supremely funny and a sharp mind. He always has a good attitude and brings ideas to the table. He also has a keen entrepreneurial spirit, always thinking of new business ideas, rather than accepting the norm.
Greg Neal
VP, Oprah Winfrey Network
Chris is an extremely talented writer as well as an innovative thinker. Chris is one of those amazing guys who you simply point in the direction you'd like him to go and he winds up producing amazing results that you never thought of.
DC Roberts
Broker Owner, PROAuctions
Chris has an innovative marketing mind to create a message to capture the user’s attention and retain them. He has a lead-by-example work ethic and is a natural leader. He is very deadline driven and always focuses on quality.
Layne Polzin
Chief Product Officer, X Companies
Chris is a man of action and has an impressive ability to manage multiple projects and make it look effortless. He’s cool under pressure and tells it straight; important qualities when it comes to developing and protecting your brand.
Susie Wellendorf
Owner, Wellendorf Communications
I have the utmost respect for the talent and creativity of Chris Greer. His vision is matched by his work ethic and he is a very valuable asset. I have had the privilege to work on projects with Chris and he never failed to impress.
Jeff Medders
President, Geronimo Productions
If you’re looking for a company to guide your website and business into the next level, Creative Punch is the answer. Chris is a straight shooter and will always make sure you’re taken care of while providing 110% every time.
Sally Roper
Owner, My Creative Pixel
I could count on Chris to never fail in high stress, quick turnaround situations. He delivered every time. If I need his services I can bank on him being there and delivering no matter the weather, no matter the time, no matter the situation. 
Ward Mankin
Video Manager, nfocus Media
Chris is a consummate professional through and through. He has the ability to take tasks and projects from concept to completion with little direction and produce exceptional results.
Todd Andrews
Creative Manager, neXrm Solutions
Chris is a great guy. One of the few I miss from my time in Oklahoma. He's totally professional and a great writer. He knows sports like nobody's business and is passionate about life. I wish I knew more people like Chris.
Dennis Hodgson
Advertising Instructor, USC
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We've worked with companies of all shapes and sizes including the worldwide leader in sports, a baby photographer, online auction company and a myriad of startups and small businesses. We look for clients who align with our style and core values. You don’t need to be mammoth-sized for us to consider your project … you just need to think big!
What do you charge?
Our pricing is based on the amount of hours your project will take. In order to determine that, we will need to have a brief discussion about your project, the level of detail involved, technical requirements, etc. 
How long will it take you to complete my project?
Each timeline is different, and is determined by the amount of deliverables and the level of intricacy your project requires. Once we get more information about your project, we’ll be able to give you an estimated timeframe.
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